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FLAME Parent Duties

FLAME is a Co-op (Co-operative).  We require parental cooperation in the following ways when choosing to enroll your children in FLAME:

1.  Serve: In order for FLAME to run successfully, one or both parents of those enrolled in FLAME must participate in various ways.  Some positions are weekly, monthly, or less.  We take your preferences, family responsibilities, and ages of your children into consideration when putting committees together, but please understand that you may not be assigned to your preferences.  We expect parents to be flexible, supportive, servant-minded, and helpful in any capacity they are assigned to. Follow this link for detailed role descriptions: Volunteer Committee PDF


2.  Fundraising: Engage in fundraising activities to help fund scholarships and keep costs affordable. Each year, FLAME families engage in a variety of fundraising activities to keep tuition costs low, cover administrative expenses, and provide scholarship opportunities.  While participation is not mandatory, FLAME’s continued operation depends on the willingness of its families to help out with fundraising.  Fundraising contributes approximately 10% of the budget for a given year.  If a FLAME family chooses not to participate in fundraising, they may contribute a monetary donation to aid in FLAME expenses.