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Hello!  FLAME is a homeschool co-op for familes whose children are homeschooled (by filing form PI-1206) or  enrolled in a virtual school.  Our classes meet on Fridays at Life Center, 4402 Femrite Dr, Madison.  Details about our current classes can be seen when you log in.  Registration for our year classes ends August 22, 2022.  New this year - a 3 week interim session in January.  Registration for this special 3 week session in January will be open until the end of December.

Please fill out both the registration form and the Parent Duties and Agreement form - we look forward to meeting you!

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Additional Questions

You can adjust your forum preferences at any time after your registration is completed, by editing your family profile on the FLAME website. 

Please choose to receive FLAME notifications, as this will be information important for all FLAME families. 
Instructors may send out music links, or class specific information via class forums. 
Once classes begin, specific class forums will only be accessible to families with a student registered for that class. 
We encourage you to list an email address for middle school and high school students so they, along with their parents, may directly receive class information from their instructors.  

Payment Instructions

Each family is required to pay ONE facility fee to cover general costs related to building rental and our website. 

Families who register for the full year (22 week) classes must pay the full fee of $75

Families who ONLY register for the interim classes (January 6, 13, 20) will be charged a reduced fee of $15.  

You MUST select the appropriate fee for the classes you will register for. 

SELECT Only ONE $75 if you are signing up for 22 week classes OR 22 week classes and interim classes. 

SELECT only ONE $15 fee if you are only sigining up for interim classes.  

Payment Options