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Hello!  FLAME is a homeschool co-op for familes whose children are homeschooled (by filing form PI-1206) or enrolled in a virtual school. Only current FLAME families and instructors may join this website, thus your request to join will be approved after your class registration is completed.   Registration for the 2024-2025 year will open July 29th at 6:30 pm though August 5th.


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  Instructors send out weekly updates and important details via class forums. It is important for parents and older students to read these weekly so they are prepared for class.  Music links and other class specific infomation may also be posted on the forum. 
We encourage you to list an email address for middle school and high school students so they, along with their parents, may directly receive class information from their instructors.  
Each class forum will only be accessible to families with a student registered for that class. 

In order to complete your registration for the current year, you must fill out the Parent Information form.  Please click on the link below and complete the form.

Parent Information Form 2024



Please review the Purpose, Policy and Procedures document.

Purpose, Policy and Procedures Manual (PPP)



Payment Instructions

You may choose to pay online, or mail a check to FLAME Treasurer 4402 Femrite Drive, Madison, WI 53716.  

To Pay Online (with an additional 3% transaction fee) 

1. Log into www.homeschoolflame.org 

2. Click "Balance" in the upper right corner

3. In the section labeled "Outstanding Balances" go to the far right "Pay" column and click on the faint yellow box with "0.00" in it.

4. Type in the dollar amount that you intend to pay. The "Pay Now" button should change orange.  If you are paying in installments, the first payment must equal the $75 registration fee plus the total of the supply fees for each class registered for.  

5. Click "Pay Now".  You be taken to a screen with the amount you filled in plus the 3% transaction fee.

6. Fill out your Billing and Credit Card information and click "Complete Payment"

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