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FLAME Statement of Faith and Compliance Agreement


1. The Bible is God’s revealed truth. It is our judge for correct living and thinking. 

2. There is one God. Within the nature of one God exists three persons:  God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. 

3. Salvation is a gift from God.  Salvation results from confessing sin, repenting, and trusting in Christ, who shed His blood to be our personal Savior. 



We agree to abide by the following rules of FLAME: 

I. Accept FLAME’s Statement of FAITH (above) and understand these principles are taught and upheld in classes. 

II. Maintain respectful behavior with instructors, parents, and students. The following will not be tolerated: disrespectful speech or rudeness to authority or classmates, willful disobedience or non participation, crude or foul language, physical aggression, continually speaking when not appropriate, or inappropriate use of a motor vehicle.  Cell phones should be turned off during FLAME hours.  Sharp objects or anything construed as a weapon are forbidden. 

III. Make respectful use of rented facilities.  Office areas, phones, and copy machines are off limits. 
Wipe muddy and wet feet. Remain quiet in hallways. No running allowed. Only students enrolled in class or under adult supervision are allowed in the building. Younger students are not allowed outside without supervision. 

IV. Abide by the dress code. Inappropriate clothing is as follows:  exposed undergarments or revealing clothing; spaghetti straps; backless, halter, low-cut, or midriff shirts; and short shorts.  No off the shoulder shirts and leggings must be worn with a shirt that covers the bottom.  Shirts must be long enough to cover midriffs, even when raising hands above head for choreography. Shirts that display tobacco, drugs, alcohol, or vulgar language or pictures are also inappropriate. Skirts and slits in skirts should not be more than three inches above the knee. Pants should be worn properly and not sagging or falling off. 

V. Follow the tuition and refund policies.  Total tuition due upon receipt of online registration form, unless you choose the Optional Tuition Payment Plan noted below.  


Total tuition due for the family may be spread into 5 monthly payments, the first payment is due at the time of registration to guarantee your registration in the year. Additional fees: returned check fee is $35.00.   


Registrants may add/drop classes as follows:  classes must be added/dropped by MIDNIGHT on the second day of classes.   In order to receive a refund, a parent must contact a PAC member—by phone, by e-mail, or in person—by MIDNIGHT.  Thereafter, total tuition payments are required.  No supply fees are refundable.  

VI. Meet attendance requirements. Classes meet on Friday and are mandatory. Parents should notify instructors of absences. More than three unexcused absences results in a dismissal. 

VII. Disciplinary Process.  (1) The first offense of inappropriate behavior will be addressed with a clear verbal warning. An instructor or PAC member will notify parents. (2) A second episode will result in the student being removed from the activity and counseled by a parent administrator; the episode will be documented on a disciplinary form to be kept on file. The student will be returned to class with his/her parents notified. The parents will be asked to intervene. (3) A third offense will be documented and will result in the child being removed from the class for the rest of the semester. Tuition fees will be forfeited. 

I agree to support the leadership and encourage my child(ren) to comply with the rules and standards of FLAME. I furthermore expressly waive any and all causes of action I or my child(ren) might have against FLAME or its representatives as a result of any injuries or damages that might occur during a FLAME activity. I acknowledge that I assume complete responsibility for any loss, damage, or injury that I or my child(ren) might sustain while participating in any event or activity sponsored by FLAME.   I give permission for photos/videos of my child(ren) to be used on the FLAME website and other FLAME materials as long as there is no identifying information.

I, (parent registering my child(ren)) have read and agree with the above statement and am signing on behalf of my household. 

We, parents and children, have read and agree to comply with the rules and standards of FLAME.