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Middle and High School

Instructor: Mr. Henk Prinsloo

10 WEEK CLASS starting 10/5/18-12/14/18


$70  class fee, $20 supplies

maximum class size 20 students, minimum 10 students

This semester students will have the opportunity to participate in taking an entry level photography course with Henk Prinsloo.

Each week students will receive a photography assignment that we will showcase and discuss the following week. A class will consist of a learning section and then a practical application. For example: Students will learn how to make a pin-hole camera and then use it in an assignment. We will also set up lights and a backdrop to create a studio which will be used for a shooting session during class.
Students need to have access to a DSLR camera. The course will "focus" on the following topics:
-           How a DSLR camera and lens work
-           Correct exposure of a photograph
-           How to set up a studio for a fashion shoot
-           How to build a pin-hole camera
-           How to edit your photos in Photoshop
-           Taking better photos with a cell phone