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Instructor:  Mrs. Jo Benjamin

$125 Class fee, $15 music fee, $7 listening CD per family

Maximum Class Size: 45  students

Surf’s up, everyone!  Let’s all go hang 10 at our favorite beach!!   It is with great excitement that I tell you about our upcoming musical!!  The original story comes from the classic Old Testament story of Joseph.  In “Not Your Average Joe”, this classic tale is retold in the exuberant times and music of the 1950’s.  It’s surfer beats, leather jackets, and surf boards, and yet the gospel truth remains the same:  “Trust in the LORD with all your heart…”    

Summary:  “The year is 1959 and at the family drive-in, Papa Jake’s Fries and Shakes, things are hoppin’!  But favored son, Joe, always seems to have his nose in a Good Book.  When the patriarch of the family, Papa Jake, gives Joe his prized leather jacket and turns the business over to him for the summer, things get gnarly.  With some “help” from his jealous siblings, Joe finds himself unexpectedly aboard a woody wagon headed to a faraway land of sand, strange customs, and a Pharoah…the Great Kahuna!  The ups and downs of the journey remind Joe that God is with him, and the hurricane force of a food crisis teaches Joe and his reunited family the power of forgiveness.”

We will be performing songs from the musical at a preview performance (day and time to be determined) a few days before our final performance of the entire musical in March 2019.  The other performance opportunity for middle school is optional and will be a Christmas caroling event where interested students and their family members of any age may visit a nursing home or other outreach site.  More information and sign-ups will be forthcoming closer to December.   Required concert attire will be a FLAME t-shirt and nice (not torn, with holes, or frayed) blue jeans for our caroling and preview performances and appropriate/assigned costumes and FLAME t-shirt and previously described jeans for our final performance.   Hope to see you at the beach and oh yeah, don’t forget the “Son” screen!



Instructor:  Mrs. Janine Bessenecker

$125 Class fee, $20  supplies fee

Maximum Class Size: 24 students

Using pencil, students will learn to draw each facial feature, studying shape and value. They will learn how to use a grid system to help get the correct proportions of the face and then draw a complete portrait. After the Christmas break, we will move into color! Students will learn how to use pastels, blending and mixing colors. They will learn some color theory, various techniques that are used with pastels, and create beautiful still lifes and landscapes.
Supplies from home: portfolio (fold poster board in half and tape sides)