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JOY AND kingdom choir 

Instructor:  Mrs. Lynn Boomer

$115 Class fee, $10 supplies fee, $10 listening CD per family

Maximum Class Size: 25 students for Joy Choir and 25 students for Kingdom Choir

Hello and welcome back to FLAME this FALL! I am very excited to be the Joy and Kingdom Choir Director.  I have some exciting things to share with you this year, as we look forward to expanding our music education and singing abilities.    
Choir Classes will be 90 minutes long. We will have 3-4 parts to each choir class. 
#1. Rhythm (using rhythm sticks, percussion instruments, and Rhythm cards)
#2. Music Theory using Flashcards, games, etc. 
#3. Music Games: to improve listening and concentration, etc. 
#4. Singing: Technique, Ear Training, Cannons, Harmony
We will be working on 2 songs to present at the Mid-Year Showcase, as well as the songs for the Spring Concert. As we learn these songs, we will be exploring A cappella singing with Rhythm, and large group choral singing. There will be some choreography (sign language) and other motions as a part of our songs. 
For the spring semester, we will be preparing a 30 minute program with skits and songs focused on a main theme. There will be an audition experience offered for those students who would like to sing solos and have acting parts. This class provides opportunities for those children who would like to learn about the audition process in a friendly and encouraging environment. Students who are assigned an acting part for the Spring Concert will be expected to stay for afternoon rehearsals during the last 10 weeks of the semester beginning in January 2019. 
I am grateful for this opportunity to serve and hope that you are excited to use your gifts to glorify the Lord and encourage others.


Instructor:  Mrs. Cathy Stevens

$115 class fee, $22 supplies fee

Maximum Class Size: 25 students for Joy Art and 25 students for Kingdom Art

Theme---Nature Lessons & Studies-Looking at Creation by Our Creator-Genesis 1 & 2.

There will be 2-3 lessons per Creation day.

We will be practicing & exercising our fine motor skills with cutting, gluing, drawing, painting & tracing skills this year to create art.  We will be learning art elements-color, form, line, shape, space, texture. We will be honing in on following directions in the art process & using art tools properly. Art principles, such as balance, depth, design, pattern, perspective, symmetry, etc. will be incorporated. We will be reading about creation in the Word & incorporating some art history in the mix. We will learn to observe the good, true & beautiful in our world, which is the Christian worldview of aesthetics.

We will be learning & inspiring wonder about the varieties of created life from our Creator God. 

Day 1-Genesis 1:1-5. Day & Night. God Spoke. 

Day 2-Genesis 1:6-8. Heavens/Sky & Waters. 

Day 3-Genesis 1:9-13. Earth/Plant Life & Seas 

Day 4-Gen. 1: 14-19. Sun, Stars, & Moon. 

Day 5-Genesis 1:20-23. Fish & Birds. 

Day 6-Genesis 1: 24-31. Animals & Man. 

Day 7-Genesis 2: 1-3. God Rested. 

End of Year-Mini art show in class-students select their favorite piece for ‘Show & Tell.’

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