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advanced art:
Instructor:  Mrs. Janine Bessenecker

Class fee $55,  supplies are purchased by students

Maximum Class Size: 5  students

This class is designed for the student who would like to explore some type of art on their own: This student may fit one of the following:
1. Using the art knowledge they have, they have some new projects in mind that they would like to try.
2. They have taken a FLAME art class and want to do more in that particular medium, going beyond an introductory level.
3. They would like to explore and art form that is not offered at FLAME, but would appreciate feedback and critique.
The student works on their own, supplies their own art materials, but will meet with the instructor at least 3 times throughout the year to identify goals and develop a plan, to evaluate progress, and to finish well. These meetings could be on Fridays or other afternoon times that the student and instructor have available.
Designed to foster art exploration, time management and creative problem-solving, this class is open to high school students with priority given to juniors and seniors. Each student will display his/her work at the Spring art show.​